title =      "Reconstruction Schemes for High Quality Raycasting          
                      of the Body-Centered Cubic Grid",
  author =     "Thomas Theu{\ss}l and Oliver Mattausch and Torsten
               M{\"o}ller and Meister Eduard Gr{\"o}ller",
  year =       "2002",
  abstract =   "The body-centered cubic (BCC) grid has received attention in
               the volume visualization community recently due to its
               ability to represent the same data with almost 30\% fewer
               samples as compared to the Cartesian cubic (CC) grid. In
               this paper we present several resampling strategies for
               raycasting BCC grids. These strategies range from 2D
               interpolation in planes to piece-wise linear (barycentric)
               interpolation in a tetrahedral decomposition of the grid to
               trilinear and sheared trilinear interpolation.  We compare
               them to raycasting with comparable resampling techniques in
               the commonly used CC grid in terms of computational
               complexity and                  visual quality.",
  address =    "Favoritenstrasse 9-11/186, A-1040 Vienna, Austria",
  institution = "Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Vienna
               University of Technology",
  note =       "human contact: technical-report@cg.tuwien.ac.at",
  month =      dec,
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  keywords =   "interpolation, body-centered cubic grid, raycasting",
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