author = {Oliver Mattausch},
    title = {Practical reconstruction and hardware-accelerated direct volume rendering on body-centered cubic grids},
    booktitle = {In Proc. of Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics},
    year = {2004},
    abstract = {In volume visualization, the Cartesian grid is by far the most popular type of grid
                because it is convenient to handle. But it requires 29.3% more samples than
                the Body-Centered Cubic grid. In order to convince people used to Cartesian grids
                for years of the advantages of Body-Centered Cubic grids, we must prove their usability in
                many different volume rendering algorithms. Therefore we introduce several practical
                reconstruction schemes on Body-Centered Cubic grids, which are very general and
                can be used in a number of applications and tasks. Together with the development of
                powerful and flexible consumer graphics hardware, interactive hardware-accelerated
                volume rendering algorithms gain popularity. Rendering performance becomes a big issue,
                which can be a strong argument in favour of Body-Centered Cubic grids. We adapted the
                projected tetrahedra algorithm to Body-Centered Cubic grids, which is one of the most
                popular volume rendering approaches exploiting hardware-acceleration. At least partly we
                succeeded in achieving a performance gain on our new grid and further produced some
                impressive rendering results comparable to the Cartesian grid version.}