author = {Christine Tanner and Barbara Flach 
and Celine Eggenberger and Oliver Mattausch and Michael                 Bajka and Orcun Goksel},
  title = {4D Reconstruction of Fetal Heart Ultrasound Images in Presence of Fetal Motion},
  booktitle = {Conference on Medical Imaging Computing & Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI),},
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 month = {October},publisher = {Springer},
  keywords = {Ultrasound image reconstruction},
  abstract={4D ultrasound imaging of the fetal heart relies on reconstructions from B-mode images. In the presence of fetal or mother's motion, current approaches su er from artifacts. We propose to use many sweeps and exploit the resulting redundancy to recover from motion by reconstructing a 4D image which is consistent in phase, space and time. We fi rst quantifi ed the performance of 7 formulations on simulated data. Reconstructions of the best and baseline approach were then visually compared for 10 in-vivo sequences. Ratings from 4 observers showed that the proposed consistent reconstruction signi cantly improved image quality.}