title="Robust Reconstruction of Interior Building Structures with Multiple Rooms under Clutter and Occlusions",
author="Claudio Mura and Oliver Mattausch and Alberto Jaspe Villanueva and Enrico Gobbetti and Renato Pajarola",
Booktitle = {Proceedings of Conference on Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD/Graphics)},
year =     "2013",
pages =    "--",
publisher = {IEEE},
abstract = {We present a robust approach for reconstructing
the architectural structure of complex indoor environments
given a set of cluttered input scans. Our method first uses an
efficient occlusion-aware process to extract planar patches as
candidate walls, separating them from clutter and coping with
missing data. Using a diffusion process to further increase its
robustness, our algorithm is able to reconstruct a clean archi-
tectural model from the candidate walls. To our knowledge, this
is the first indoor reconstruction method which goes beyond
a binary classification and automatically recognizes different
rooms as separate components. We demonstrate the validity
of our approach by testing it on both synthetic models and
real-world 3D scans of indoor environments.}