author="Ozkan, Ece and Tanner, Christine and Kastelic, Matej and Mattausch, Oliver and Makhinya, Maxim

and Goksel, Orcun",

title="Robust motion tracking in liver from 2D ultrasound images using supporters",

journal="International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery",







abstract="Effectiveness of image-guided radiation therapy with precise dose delivery depends highly on accurate target localization, which may involve motion during treatment due to, e.g., breathing and drift. Therefore, it is important to track the motion and adjust the radiation delivery accordingly. Tracking generally requires reliable target appearance and image features, whereas in ultrasound imaging acoustic shadowing and other artifacts may degrade the visibility of a target, leading to substantial tracking errors. To minimize such errors, we propose a method based on so-called supporters, a computer vision tracking technique. This allows us to leverage information from surrounding motion for improving robustness of motion tracking on 2D ultrasound image sequences of the liver.",