About Oliver

I am a computer graphics researcher with over 10 years of experience. My research interests include point-based reconstruction and real-time rendering. I have worked on various topics including scientific visualization, shadows and visibility, ray tracing and global illumination, and recently on surface reconstruction and scene understanding from scans.

I am currently employed as a Postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Vision Laboratory (Medical Image Analysis Group) at ETH Zurich. In the past I have worked at the University of Zurich on point-based reconstruction and scene understanding of indoor environments, and as a visiting researcher at The University of Tokyo. In 2010 I have received a PhD in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology on the topic of visibility algorithms for real-time rendering. From the Vienna University of Technology I have also received the degree of Diplomingeneur in 2004, on the topic of volume rendering on alternative lattices to the Cardesian grid.

My personal interests include reading popular science books about physics and cosmology, learning to play the guitar, and Japanese fencing (Kendo).

Mail me at oliver.mattausch at vision.ee.ethz.ch


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